Dyansty League Payouts

 $400.00 - Winner and League Champion
 $200.00 - 2nd place
 $100.00 - 3rd place
 $50.00 - Consolation game winner

$50.00 - The Drafted MVP (Player with the highest total points at the end of the year)
$50.00 - The team with the most points scored (end of the year)
$25.00 - League Pick’em winner (end of the year)
$25.00 - Goes to the 10th the place team at the end of the year.

$25.00 a week - For the biggest weekly blowout rewards through week 12 

Dynasty League Information?

What is a Dynasty League

A Dynasty League is designed feel like you are in control of a real NFL team! Keep a majority of your players year-in and year-out. The fun part about a Dynasty League is that you get to follow the same players every year. Making strategic trades' including trades for draft positions. Giving you the feeling that you're actually running and controlling a real NFL team.

When drafting for the first time, setting up the Dynasty team is ultimately the most important. This is where you establish the roots of your team and the directions you decide to go in the future. You have to ask yourself during the initial draft...do I want to win this year? Or do I want to dominate the years moving forward. How you draft for the first time will determine whether you're going to dominate or play catch-up for years to come.

Future drafts will typically be rookie and waiver wire picks. Of course you can trade for draft positions making it that much more exciting!

Please continue to read below for additional information, rules, and regulations.


Dynasty Players

After our 1st draft, teams will select 20 players yearly from the previous year. 20 Players must be selected before the keeper deadline, if 20 players are not selected the Commissioner and Co- Commissioner will select all 20 or the additional players required to fill the 20 player requirement. After 20 players are selected and keepers are locked, off season trading can begin.

All draft times are approximate. They will start no earlier than the scheduled start time and then run every fifteen minutes thereafter. You will receive an email with your exact start time and there will be a countdown clock on your league home page. It is your responsibility to be logged in and ready for your draft 15 minutes prior to the start time. If you do not make the live draft, the computer will draft your team for you using ADP (average draft position).

It is highly recommend that you take the time to do a mock draft. Mock drafts run every few minutes and they allow you to get familiar with your draft position. Here is the direct link to the mock draft room.

Mock Draft

There is no trading during the initial live draft. Please see "Trades".

In the event an owner allows the time limit to expire, their pick will automatically select the best player available according to the rankings that you provided or the rankings of yahoo.com and will continue to do so until you sign in.

After the first season there is an annual Rookie/Free Agent Draft. This draft is a 10 rounds will start on the date selected by the commissioner the following year. Prior to the start of the NFL season you must cut your roster back by 10 positions allowing for the 10 round draft. All teams must drop 10 players and maintain the rest of their roster. Trades can be made for positions if a manager elects to drop more than 10 players.

Dropped Players

Dropped Players will not be available on Waivers until for 2 days or until Tuesday if dropped on Sunday. 

Free Agents are available immediately after the draft completion and will run weekly until the season begins. Wavier order is determined by position once the season begins. There will ONLY be one period before the season where the Wavier order will be based on draft order. First come - first served claims in the pre-season ONLY. Once the season begins waivers will be available from Wednesday until Sunday at 1pm.

After the season ends (which is after week 17) – ALL free agents or non-roster players lock until after the Rookie/Free Agent Draft.


Please see our “League Information” section for scoring rules.


Our league uses a flex format. 

LineUp – 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex TE/WR, 1 Flex WR/RB, 2 Flex D Players, 2 LB, 2 S, 2 DE, 2 DB, 10 Bench positons, 3 IR Spots. 

Owners can set starting players up until each game time. Once a game has started, all players involved in that game are frozen as starters or bench players.


Abandoned Teams: The Commissioner will run abandoned teams until the following season. They are not eligible to win any prize money. The Commissioner will run teams are not dead teams. The Commissioner will run teams function like any other team. What we feel is the best lineup will be used. These teams will only participate in waiver pickups in order to fill a starting lineup. The Commissioner will run teams are not available to trade with.

Conduct: Conduct that is deemed detrimental to the league or to The Commissioner will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, posts and or emails that are harassing in nature and serve no legitimate purpose other than to cause discord within the league or the Commissioner will run organization. There is a difference between expressing viewpoints or likes/dislikes of a league or format and personal attacks toward fellow owners or the commissioner. Also, vulgarity in emails or on the message board will not be tolerated.

Failure to comply may result in IMMEDIATE EXPULSION WITHOUT REFUND. In addition, attempts to negatively impact the integrity of the league (i.e. threatening or outright refusal to submit lineups, partaking in bogus trades, disruption of a live draft etc.) will result in an immediate expulsion, without refund, from The Commissioner or the league.

The Commissioner reserves the right to set your lineup for your team if in the leagues opinion is that you are intentionally trying to lose games. 


All trades have to be balanced and may either be 1 for 1, 2 for 2 or 3 for 3. Any trades involving more than 6 players will be automatically rejected. Draft picks do NOT count as players and can be included in all trades. Some trades may appear lopsided on paper but allow a weaker team to have a chance to re-build for the future.

Renewal fees will be due by JULY 1st each year. If your payment has not been received by JULY 1st, your team will be declared abandoned and placed up for sale. In addition, you will not be able to make any transactions or trades until your payment has been made.

You will be required to roster a complete starting lineup at all times. Meaning you must have all starting positions filled at least 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex TE/WR, 1 Flex WR/RB, 2 Flex D Players, 2 LB, 2 S, 2 DE, 2 DB on your roster during games.