Keeper League Payouts

 $400.00 - Winner and League Champion
 $200.00 - 2nd place
 $100.00 - 3rd place
 $50.00 - Consolation game winner

$50.00 - The Drafted MVP (Player with the highest total points at the end of the year)
$50.00 - The team with the most points scored (end of the year)
$25.00 - League Pick’em winner (end of the year)
$25.00 - Goes to the 10th the place team at the end of the year.

$25.00 a week - For the biggest weekly blowout rewards through week 12 

Keeper Rules

1. Players may not be kept as a Keeper if drafted within the 1st 3 rounds.

2. Keeper that are drafted outside 10 rounds will be reduced by 2 draft round each year until they are below reach the 9th or 8th round depending on the odd or even number of the draft position. Once they reach the 9th or 8th round they will be reduce by 1 year thereafter.

3. Teams must maintain their keeper(s) for a minimum of 2 years. A penalty will apply if a team drops a player within the 2 year period after drafting. Meaning; after drafting and announcing that player is your keeper the manager must keep that player for a minimum of 2 years after the original draft date. The team or manager would then have that player on their roster for a minimum total of 3 years.

4. Keepers cannot be dropped from your roster if they are injured or placed on IR. The player must remain on your roster or the managing team will receive a penalty the following year. If a keeper is dropped from a team’s roster that player is considered "Fair Game" and can be picked up by any another team. Once that player is selected by another team the original drafting team loses the rights to keep that player as a keeper. The team that selected that player from free agency can elect to retain them for their next year’s keeper. (See number 6)

The team or manager that drops their keeper will face a penalty (Whether they become injured or not). The penalty for this is; the team will draft from the last draft position the following year. Dependeing on their draft position the manager will draft last in the 1st round and on the turn around, the team or manager will draft in their assigned draft position. 

*The penalty does not apply if you carry your keeper to term (or is your 1st round draft pick).

5. How free agent pickups can become keepers. A free agent pickup would them become the team or managers 4th round draft pick for the following year. (Due to not being able to keep a player within the first 3 rounds).

6. If a drafted a player is dropped, the team that picks up the dropped player most retain them on their roster through to the end of the year. That team or manager can select the dropped player as their free agent keeper. Once a player is dropped the team that dropped them no longer owns them and cannot select them as their keeper for the following year. (See number 9)

7. If a player is drafted and dropped by the same team or manager, then picked back up by the same team or manager; the same rule would apply as a free agent pick up. Thus, if a team drafted a player in the 12th round, then dropped that player, picking them up later in the year, that player would then fall under the free agent rule list under #5.

8. All Defensive keepers apply to the same rules as offensive players as stated within.

9. Team keepers can only be generated by a team’s final roster at the end of the season. Using the original draft to determine what players on the team’s final roster to identify their keeper position and round. If a player is on the team’s final roster but was not drafted, the team or manager can keep that player as their 4th round keeper for the following year. Players that were draft by a team; and are not on your final roster cannot be kept as a keeper for the following year!

10.Teams may only keep a maximum of three offensive keepers per team + one defensive player. Once a team has reached the limit of three keepers the manager of that team must drop a keeper to maintain or add a new one. The keeper that is drops must have been on the team for a minimum of two years before they can drop them. If the manager drops a keeper that has not been maintained on their team for a minimum of two years that team will result in penalties as stated under section number 3.

11.If a player drafted in the 1st 3 rounds is dropped during the season, they cannot be added to another team as a keeper for the following year. Example: if Saquon Barkley was drafted in round 1 and was placed on IR later that same year. The manager who owns him drops him to get another player. Another manager cannot pick him up to use as their 4th round free agent keeper for the following year. Another manager can, however, pick up Saquon Barkley with the intention of using him the same year he was dropped.

12.You may only add one player per year to be selected as your keeper with an overall total of 3 offense players and 1 defense players. Please see rule number 10.